Digital twin of a store

Google Analytics for physical stores

What would you do if you knew as much about how your store was used as you do about how your website is?

Most of the data available in the physical store gets lost. This missing data leads to a breakdown in operations that leads to lack of product availability, inefficient operations, and sub-optimal use of space.

The Retail Bionics Platform and its Dynamic Digital Twin technology can help you understand how your stores are performing and why. Let us show you how!

Benefits of the Retail Bionics Platform

Inventory Intelligence

  • Ensure your product is available when and where your customer expects it whether in-store or online
  • Optimize your supply chain based on real-time knowledge from your store

Shopper Intelligence

  • Understand your whole customer through their online and in-store journey
  • Get customer feedback on products that is complete and quicker than you get now

Store Optimization

  • Optimize your store layout and merchandising plans for each unique location
  • Quantify the value of each in-store operation to optimize all processes

The Retail Bionics platform unlocks a 10X reduction in the cost of overhead RFID reading. This brings all the Inventory Intelligence that comes with always-on RFID for less than the cost of hand-scanning.

We can often use existing security cameras to turn Customer Intelligence and Dynamic Store Optimization from a massive store retrofit problem into a simple, scalable software effort.

Pulling these primary data sources into our Retail Bionics Platform provide your company with greater clarity on what is happening in your store and what needs to be done to improve your operational efficiency and customer experience.