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Stop flying blind.

Deep analytics for physical spaces.

Introducing Retail Bionics.

Leverage AI to gain an unparalleled understanding of your physical space, store layout, and customer & staff behavior to gain actionable insights that drive revenue.

Operational Efficiency

Better data makes staffing and tasking decisions easier, allowing your staff to focus on your customers.

Customer Experience

Learn what matters to your customer from their behaviors in the physical world. Not just their clickstream.

Protect People & Product

Retracing all steps before and after an incident improves likelihood of catching perpetrators and preventing future incidents.

The turnkey platform that turns camera images into insights

Go beyond counting visitors. Track the complete path of everyone in your space to discover individual behavior and how it connects to outcomes.

New metrics enabled: like dwell time by section, fitting room visits, and more

Intelligence made simple


Map your store layout in minutes using a simple mobile app


Connect to our edge compute appliance to your existing cameras.


Gain insights on your customers like never before